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Greetings from your Spicewood Elementary Hospitality committee - we need your help this year more than ever so that we can show our beloved teachers and staff LOTS of love during this crazy time! 


Most of you know that we do teacher luncheons throughout the year that are sponsored by grades. Usually, parents from that grade bring in food items and host a lunch for all SWE teachers and staff. Due to Covid, we have to do things differently this year so we are asking (with sad little puppy dog eyes and a pretty please with a cherry on top) that if you are able, to make a $5-10 donation so that we can get individually packaged lunches made or food trucks to show our appreciation for our SWE staff. 


Below is our luncheon schedule-

Kinder and Fourth         October

1st and Third                 December

2nd and Fifth                 February

All Grades                     April

Teacher Appreciation    May


We have set up our SWE PTA store to take donations. Please click here to direct to SWE PTA Store. You will see the Teacher Hospitality form with your kid’s names under "New Forms" as seen in the screenshot below.




If you have any questions or ideas on restaurants or catering that would like to help us out this year, please email our Teacher's Hospitality Chair Whitney Morelock at wcoates1215@yahoo.com or Melissa Rachal  at melissa@rachal.cc


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