The Spicewood PTA sponsors teacher/staff appreciation events to recognize the hard work and care that the teachers and staff bring to our school each and every day.  Teacher/staff hospitality is more than a chance to “thank the teachers for a great job”.  These events also help to remind students and parents of the important role teachers and staff play in our lives. 
Focusing on our teachers and staff also helps to remind us of the challenges our children face as students.  We acknowledge that the well-being of our students depends on our teachers and staff!


Six days a year, we provide the teachers and staff a buffet luncheon with a different theme. It is one of the few times during the busy year when the teachers and staff can actually sit down and talk with each other over lunch! It is really a lot of fun! Each luncheon is sponsored by a grade level with parents sending in food and drinks on the theme. Parent volunteers are also needed to help clean up.


Luncheon dates: Each grade level provides lunch for the Staff once a year

  • September 20 - 5th grade
  • October 18  -  4th grade
  • December 6 - 3rd grade
  • January 24 - 1st grade
  • March 14 - Kindergarten
  • April 18 - 2nd grade
Each year before the Thanksgiving Break, we provide the teachers and staff with pies to bring home to enjoy with their families over the holiday. The pies are provided by parents. Parent volunteers are needed to help set up and distribute the pies to teachers and staff.  This year's Pie Day will be Friday, November 16th.


Five times a year, we provide the teachers and staff with homemade baked desserts to celebrate their birthdays. Homemade baked treats are sent in by parent volunteers.


Birthday Recognition dates:

  • Wednesday, September
  • Wednesday, November
  • Wednesday, January
  • Wednesday, April
  • Wednesday, May


Please contact one of our Chairs for more information: Zita Naik (zita.naik@gmail), Michelle Teets ( or Stephanie Stakes (