Destination Imagination


Imagine a program where your kids build confidence through learning,

Imagine a program where discovery is the only teacher

Imagine a program that builds lifelong learning and problem-solving skills.

Spicewood DI Team registration begins at this link on September 6, 2018.
Deadline to register is October 5, 2018

Thank you parents for coming to DI info session on 9/20!

WHAT:  Our 21st century learning programming is cross-curricular and complements K-12 education by fostering curiosity, courage and creativity.  All of our academic Challenges are designed to teach students the creative process - a system of learning that is at the root of all innovation and a child's ability to bring an idea to life.  All challenges are delivered as story-telling stage performance with costumes and props designed by students.


WHO:  Destination Imagination is open to all kindergarten through university level students worldwide. Students form teams of up to 7 members, select their preferred Challenge and work together to develop a solution to the Challenge. Each team has at least one Team Manager (often a parent or teacher) who helps keep the team on track, but does not assist or interfere with the team’s project.


WHY:  Our Challenges help bridge the gap between what students learn in school and the skills they will need to thrive in an ever-changing economy. Through the DI program, students improve in creative and critical thinking, explore their curiosity, build on their unique strengths, learn how to design and manage a project, and gain the skills needed for the 21st century workforce.


WHEN:  Each season takes place from September through May.  Depending on the Challenge, teams typically spend 2 to 4 months developing and practicing their Challenge solutions.  Teams have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at local tournaments, many of which take place between February and April.  The Regional Tournament is held in March 2019.


Destination Imagination Challenge Preview

Year 2018-2019 Challenge Preview
- Technical Challenge: The Technical Challenge prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning, and related skills.
- Scientific Challenge: Our Scientific Challenge blends the curiosity of scientific research with the creative expression of performance art.
- Engineering Challenge: Our Engineering Challenge asks students to design, build, and test load-bearing structures created from specific materials.
- Fine Arts: Our Fine Arts Challenge helps students develop acting and creative skills through artistic media, theater arts, script writing, and prop design.
- Improvisational: Our Improvisational Challenge is all about research, spontaneity, and storytelling. Teams receive topics and produce skits right on the spot.
- Service Learning: Our Service Learning Challenge is designed to engage students in public service that addresses real-life community issues.
- Early Learning/Rising Stars: Our Rising Stars for Early Learners Challenge offers simple experiences with the creative process, and it gives young kids (preschool through 2nd grade) a place to work together and make new friends.


QUESTIONS: To sign up or for more information, please contact our DI Chair Ziyu Huang at






DI Info Session 




The Heart of Texas Region CPSO's 2019 Regional Tournament 

Date: February 23, 2019

Location: Glenn High School
1320 Collaborative Way
Leander, TX