What is Reflections? 

Reflections is a PTA-sponsored creative program in which your child comes up with an original creation to express a given theme.


2020-2021 Theme: I Matter Because …


The Spicewood PTA creative contest, REFLECTIONS is a program in which your child comes up with an original creation to express this year’s theme: I Matter Because .... Your child can choose among several categories (and he or she can enter more than one):


  • Literature (story, poem, screenplay, essay, etc.)
  • Visual arts (drawing, painting, making a collage, etc.)
  • Photography (a single photo, panoramic, photomontage, etc.)
  • Film production (animation, documentary, narrative, etc.)
  • Dance choreography (ballet, hip hop, tap, etc.)
  • Musical composition (country, jazz, pop, rock, etc.)

The RRISD PTA has made this year a LOT simpler.  We are now doing a VIRTUAL School level entry form.  Here is the link -


  • This virtual form can collect LINKS to student artwork files (e.g., a link for a file stored on a Google Drive), but students CANNOT directly upload the files.
  • Also - make sure the files in Google drive must be set to "Allow anyone with link to view." 
  • We cannot access RRISD Student Google Drives. *  [This is stated on the form, just wanted you to be very aware as well.]
  • Please keep all your original artwork.  If you make it to state judging - original work might be asked


Submit virtual entries from Oct. 5 – Oct. 30. The deadline is Friday, October 30, 2020.


Please note that the TX-PTA will still want original entries - but the 1st round will be virtual. 


Forms and Rules may be found at  The rules for each category (Literature, Visual Arts, Photography, etc.) can be found in the Student Program Rules. 


Student Program rules English | Spanish

Student Entry Form        English | Spanish


Children do not need to be amazing artists to do well in this competition. It’s really all about expressing the theme! Thoughtful insights, viewpoints that connect with the judges, and carefully created entries tend to shine. Judging focuses on the interpretation of the theme, creativity, and artistic merit. All entries must include the “Artist Statement” as part of their entry form. This is a great time to let your child play with your cell phone, video camera, or camera, or spend time drawing, painting, writing, etc.


Entries must be the original work of the student. Judges will evaluate the work based on 3 criteria:

  • How well does it express the theme?
  • How original is it?
  • How well is it executed?

For more information, visit the Texas PTA’s website:


Questions? Email the Reflections Chair: Gayathri Desai (Bhandarkar) (


Please note that the parent of the student entering the Reflections program must be a PTA member. Students will not want to miss this opportunity to submit an entry to this exciting and creative competition, so if you haven't joined the Spicewood PTA, please do so here. 


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