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All clubs and competition registrations will take place after September 9th. 


Math Superstars is a completely optional program for your child (K-4) if they love problem solving or want additional practice. This is not a classroom or teacher-led program.
If you select to participate in this supplemental program, you will print a worksheet every week. Please do one worksheet per week. Grade-level worksheets are available at the bottom of this page to download and print (PDF format). 5th Grade worksheets are available for download but this program does not include 5th grade and the worksheets do not need to be submitted.
The worksheets are graded by a classroom volunteer, not the teacher, and returned to the students. The graders offer positive comments and feedback to help each student understand the desired answers. Kindergarten Math Superstars have 10 worksheets, and grades 1-4 have 25, which comes to about 1 per week.
There will be prizes awarded after students have completed a certain number of worksheets and their efforts will be recognized on the Math Superstars brag board located in the hallway across from the library.
The spirit of this program is to be fun and to provide additional math exposure. The problems will not correlate with classroom instruction, but are age appropriate. PTA is excited to offer this program again this year, and we are committed to cheering on the students for trying!
Thank you for your interest in Math Superstars. For any additional questions you may have, please contact our Math Superstars Chair, Liz Simmons, at


1. Print your worksheet at home.
2. Complete at your leisure.
  • While parents are encouraged to provide assistance, this program emphasizes the student doing their own thinking!
  • These problems can become quite difficult, employing reasoning and skills potentially uncovered yet in class.
  • Please note this is a voluntary, supplemental program for outside the classroom.
3. Turn worksheets in to “Completed Math Superstars” envelope outside of classroom by every Tuesday. The first worksheet 
4. Print next worksheet! Graded worksheets will be returned via Friday folders. 


Details will be shared soon



Small rewards will be given 2 times this year at the completion of certain milestones:
  • Mid Year Prize in mid-Jan: for completing 4+ worksheets for grade K; 10+ worksheets for grades 1-4
  • End Year Prize in mid-May: for completing 9+ worksheets for grade K; 20+ worksheets for grades 1-4
Students who complete all worksheets for their grade level will receive a "Certificate of Excellence" at the end of the year.
We will also have our very own brag board "Math Superstars Bulletin Board" to show off our participants! The students will see their name by the library and earn a STAR for each paper completed and turned in. Credit is given for just attempting the problem. 


One rock star parent grader per classroom (K-4) will be needed. Please email at if interested.
Being a grader will involve checking the “Math Superstars” envelope outside your child’s classroom weekly. Take the completed sheets home and grade according to your schedule. Offer positive comments and feedback to help each student understand the desired answers. Return the graded worksheets to the classroom in time so that they can be returned to the students via Friday folders. Answer keys are provided to each grader.
Individual grades are not recorded; participation is encouraged more than accuracy. However, graders will have a list to keep track of participating students and the number of completed worksheets. Graders will place stickers on Math Superstars Brag Board outside of library for each completed worksheet.


Below are the grade-level worksheets available for download:

Below are the grade-level answer keys for parents:

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