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Art in the Classroom

The goal of Art in the Classroom is to enhance the art literacy of Spicewood students by exposing them to famous artists, their styles and masterworks, and the elements of fine art.  We will integrate aspects of the Learner Profile and Attitudes of the IB Primary Years Program into our discussions and analysis with students.


Artists are chosen based on a number of factors: 

  1. Recommendation from the art teachers, who try to correlate the artists to classroom study  
  2. Diversity in style, medium, and culture
  3. What the PTA and Spicewood already own, or can purchase reasonably

Your Job as an Art in the Classroom volunteer is to create a two-way conversation by briefly presenting information on an artist and then engaging students in analysis and synthesis of what they see.   This dialogue helps to enable students to express visual concepts with words.  In the end, you are equipping kids to use their critical thinking skills whenever they encounter a piece of art while having fun in the process!  


This program is special because it allows parents to work directly in a “teaching” role with students.

How can I sign up or find out more?
If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact our Art in the Classroom chair, Kim Treadaway, at kimtreadaway@gmail.com
NOTE:  You MUST complete the RRISD volunteer application, which includes a background check, before your first date in the classroom.  This must be done every year.

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