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The Spicewood PTA Volunteer Code of Conduct


The Spicewood PTA believes that participation in the PTA is an important and integral part of the total school program.


It is our belief that the core ingredients of character should be displayed when interacting with faculty and students via these core ethical values: confidentially, trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, teamwork, and hard work.


Finally, we believe that sincere and good faith efforts to honor the words and spirit of this Code will improve the quality of our programs and the well-being of the dynamic relationships with our staff and students.


PTA Volunteers have an expectation to treat others with dignity and respect. As members of the PTA our behavior is reflective on the PTA and our school community.


We, the volunteers, have read and agree to abide by this policy and understand that the failure to adhere to the above guidelines may result in the termination of your volunteer position.


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Pl click here to download  "The Spicewood PTA Volunteer Code of Conduct" in PDF format.         

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