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PTA Communications Policy

Spicewood Elementary PTA

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The Spicewood Elementary PTA Executive Board has established the following policy to guide its ongoing communications efforts and activities, including websites, e-blasts and social media. These guidelines were implemented to align with our communication goals and comply with the National PTA Terms and Agreements. 


The Spicewood Elementary PTA will employ various forms of media to communicate with Spicewood families and keep them informed of and involved with our programs and events. All content published by the Spicewood Elementary PTA on their website or any social media platforms must be in accordance with the National PTA Social Media Guidelines. The Spicewood Elementary PTA will strive to avoid excessive communication and be respectful of our community’s time.


It is the intent of the Spicewood Elementary PTA to use the various avenues of communication
outlets for the following uses:

  • Encourage memberships in the PTA
  • Distribute advance notice about PTA programs, events and activities. Distribute advance notice about PTA programs, events and activities
  • Solicit volunteers to assist with PTA activities
  • Encourage participation in fundraisers, programs, recognition events and other events and activities
  • Inform Spicewood families about news, events and programs that may affect the school or educational environment
  • Solicit volunteers to assist with PTA activities
  • Encourage participation in fundraisers, programs, recognition events and other events and activities
  • Inform Spicewood families about news, events and programs that may affect the school or educational environment
  • Recognize special achievements or accomplishments of Spicewood PTA members of those of the Spicewood Elementary faculty or staff
  • Recognize Spicewood PTA partners, sponsors and supporters when appropriate and other uses as approved by the Spicewood PTA President and/ or Principal
  • Highlight events and programs in our community that are of particular interest to elementary school students and families and fall under the classification of a state/city/country program or established non-profit
  • Welcome new and returning families to Spicewood Elementary


Current forms of approved communications include:
Printed Flyers
Friday Folder
Homeroom Teacher’s e-newsletters

  • Spicewood Elementary PTA website (www.spicewoodpta.com)
  • Committees should ensure their pages are updated. Individual committee webpages must be kept up to date with information and news about the program or event. Program chairs must contact the PTA website administrator at spicewoodwebadm@gmail.com for assistance with keeping their program information updated. Please allow 48 hours for new material to be published.
  • Spicewood Elementary Facebook page (https://facebook.com/rrisd.spicewood)
  • Spicewood Elementary PTA Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SpicewoodPTA)

Weekly and Targeted E-blasts: 

  • Spicewood PTA Newlsetter: The newslwetter is a weekly e-mail blast sent out every Tuesday that serves as a gateway between the community and the goings on of Spicewood PTA. It provides a quick synopsis with access to information and links. Any request for the PTA Newsletter to publish information must be PTA related. Requests must be submitted already written in a concise manner. Spicewood PTA reserves the right to edit content accordingly to reduce redundancy and streamline information. A hyperlink to additional information must be supplied if available. To be placed on the mailing list for the Spicewood PTA Newsletter, simply create an account on the PTA website and join the Spicewood PTA. Content submissions for The Spicewood PTA Newsletter are due by noon on Friday. 
  • Principal Allen's weekly “Updates from the Principal” e-mail: This blast goes out every Monday and incorporates a blog by our IB/PYP Coordinator, Mrs. Oates. Mrs. Allen has final say on which updates from the Spicewood PTA she includes in her email.

To demonstrate respect for our parents’ time, stand-alone e-blasts will require the approval of the Spicewood PTA Executive Board to determine the necessity of the E-Blast. This can be done via email if an answer is needed before the next scheduled Board meeting. If the content misses the weekly newsletter deadline because of the timing of the vote, the social media outlets can post the content immediately across all platforms, The Spicewood PTA can not advertise for an activity or cause where a purchase is required before a donation is made to the PTA.

Social Media Presence 

The social media presence at Spicewood Elementary will primarily be on Facebook. Other social media channels currently used are Instagram. Any other social media channels may be added in the future as deemed necessary by the Spicewood PTA Executive Board and VP of Communications. All content published by the Spicewood PTA or to the Spicewood PTA Facebook page or other social media platforms must be in accordance with the National PTA Social Media guidelines. Requests for submissions may be directed to Spicewoodptacommunications@gmail.com


The Spicewood PTA website and Facebook page may be maintained by the following Board positions in accordance with the goal and objectives stated in this policy guideline plan:

  • President
  • VP of Communications
  • Website Administrator
  • Other Board positions may be added as Facebook administrators at the discretion of the PTA President 


We prefer that our PTA committee and board members use their Spicewood PTA gmail.com email addresses rather than their personal emails. For example, SpicewoodPTAWebsite@gmail.com, or SpicewoodPTAMembership@gmail.com


This gives a consistent look and feel for families who are reaching out to our community especially since most positions change from year to year. Spicewood PTA specific email addresses help protect the privacy of our volunteers, keep continuity in subsequent years when new volunteers fill board positions and also help reduce the amount and frequency of static website edits.


Administrative access and responsibility for Spicewood PTA’s communication channels will transition to the incoming approved Board positions. The outgoing and incoming PTA Presidents will be responsible for coordinating and implementing a seamless transition without substantial delay or downtime.


Those individuals with access to the Spicewood PTA email addresses and social media accounts are responsible for forwarding password information on to their successor or to the VP of Communications if a successor has not be been identified before the school year ends.

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