Homeroom Parent Guide


Homeroom parents support the teachers and students of Spicewood Elementary by helping with special classroom activities, including classroom parties and PTA special events. You are the representative of PTA to your class. Your help is truly needed and appreciated by your teacher and the children in your class. 


Homeroom Parent Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Lead Homeroom Parent (Lead Class is assigned by Spicewood Leadership) in your grade and your teacher to coordinate parties and activities within your classroom.
  • While classes may have multiple assistant parents, each class will have only one main contact acting as homeroom parent. This also simplifies the teacher's communicating PTA events to their class and for classroom parents to email back.
  • Get contact information for the parents in your class. The teacher will help you with this sensitive information. It is recommended that you get at least their names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Recruit volunteers among the other parents in the classroom. You may do this either by sending email or making telephone calls. Email is highly recommended.
  • Using google or sign-up genius for volunteer sign ups is recommended since multiple classes work together on parties.
  • You can only be a homeroom parent for one student class per year. 

Classroom Parties 

Many of these parties are grade specific. The Lead Teacher(s) will work with the Lead Homeroom Parent(s) to coordinate these events.

  • Winter Party  (Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018)
  • Valentine Party  (Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019)
  • End of School Party  (Thursday, May 23, 2019)

Planning Ahead

As a grade level of HR parents, please meet in October and review each party outline (lead teacher will provide that to lead HR parent in your grade).  You will divide up each party and allow 2-3 classrooms within the grade make all party purchases and plans for the grade. This way each party is on a rotation of the classroom(s) in charge. Budget a specific amount for each party ahead so that you have enough left for the end of year party, this break down will look different for each grade.



Do not feel like you have to do everything for your child’s class. That certainly is not the intent of your role. It is recommended that you create an email list to communicate needs and information to the other parents in the classroom. Parents tend to be more generous when they have a few moments to think about things versus last minute telephone calls.



Please keep ALL parent email addresses confidential!  When you need to send a classroom email correspondence, type your name in the “to” line and all the other parent’s names in the “bcc” (blind copy) line.  Additionally, it is highly encouraged you set up a classroom “group” email distribution list to avoid typing in all 20+ names each time and again, place this group in the bcc line up top.  Finally, because some email accounts are set up to treat group emails as SPAM, it is recommended you send a TEST email out and ask parents to confirm receipt immediately. If time goes by and no receipt is given, you can email that parent contact directly and inquire.


Food Rules

For the three parties throughout the year, the minimal nutritional value requirements are waived. However, please note that some children have very serious food allergies.    Please check with the Grade Level Team Leader to determine which, if any, classrooms are nut free, or have other allergy sensitivities.  It is encouraged that parties throughout the grade level remain the same from class to class HOWEVER, for those students with allergies, we accommodate them as much as possible (for example, purchasing some gluten free cookies or cupcakes for those that need it).

Round Rock ISD requires that food be store bought only.  No homemade items please.



Please do not post or share photos of other students or class parties. Homeroom parents do not have access to RRISD photography waivers and cannot approve use of any photography. Yearbook committee will take pictures throughout the year.


PTA Special Events 

  • Fall Silent Auction: Coordinate grade-level themed baskets, if applicable.
  • Spring Carnival:  Coordinate classroom art project or raffle baskets, if applicable.
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunches: Find volunteers as needed to provide food for teacher/staff appreciation luncheons. Six times a year, a different grade provides a lunch for all teachers and staff at Spicewood. The hospitality lead will contact you with details.  In general, 5th grade goes early in the year and Kinder hosts the last luncheon.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: May 6th – 10th, 2019.  Spicewood PTA will set the theme in advance and it will run school wide.  The daily plan will be outlined and must be adhered to.

NOTE: Each grade will “adopt” a specials group this week as follows (Kinder: Library (2) + PE (2); 1st: Music (2) + Art (2); 2nd: Spanish (2) + TAG (2); 3rd: Intervention (4) + Special Education (5); 4th: Office (5); 5th: Leadership (5).


Teacher Gifts

It is customary to give teachers a gift prior to the winter break and at the end of the school year.  For teacher birthdays, just making them feel special (homemade cards from the students; a special lunch made/purchased by a parent; a favorite dessert brought in for the teacher, etc.) is gift enough.


Employees of the District may accept the following:

  • Gifts that are of nominal value given for the purpose of advertising, ceremonial occasions, or official events.
  • Infrequent business meals of nominal value.
  • Infrequent entertainment or social invitations, provided the entertainment or social invitation is not directed to the District or a select group of area school districts.
  • As used in this policy, nominal value is defined as $50 or less from an entity (meaning an individual family). Thus when purchasing a gift for your child’s teacher or a staff member, please do not exceed the value of $50, including a gift card.  Also, do NOT coordinate a class wide gift or collect money.

NOTE: There is a “Faculty Favorites” on our PTA website outlining classroom needs & personal favorites by teacher. Faculty Favorites


Grade Level Lead Homeroom Parent Responsibilities

Lead Teachers for 2018 - 2019

  • Kindergarten: Keating and Elder
  • First: Peoples
  • Second: Gutierrez
  • Third: Owen
  • Fourth: Bell and Prichard
  • Fifth: Mitchell (NOTE: special grade level binder passed down year to year which outlines promo ceremony, grade level t-shirt, pool party, school gift, etc.) The Lead Homeroom Parent for the grade is the Lead Teacher’s HR Parent
  • Work with the Lead Teacher for your grade to coordinate activities/parties
  • Communicate information to the other Homeroom Parents
  • Manage the Grade Level budget for parties
  • Coordinate with the PTA Homeroom Parent Coordinator for budget info/spending


Budget Guidelines:  

  • K- $720 (6 classrooms - $120 per class)
  • 1st- $720 (6 classes)
  • 2nd- $720 (6 classes)
  • 3rd- $840 (7 classes)
  • 4th- $960 (8 classes)
  • 5th- $720 (6 classes)
  • An end of year gift from teachers for K, 1, 2 is $450 or $1 per child


For specific questions or to receive an updated budget, please email the PTA Homeroom Parent Coordinator, spicewoodptahomeroom@gmail.com


Treasurer Documents - tax exempt form and reimbursement form - can be downloaded from the PTA Documents page under 'Forms'. 


IMPORTANT  -  Monetary Guidelines:

  • Designate the grade level "buyer(s)" for each grade party (Purchases should be made for the entire grade by a single person(s) per party.)
  • Reimbursement outside of the approved grade level budget cannot be given without General Membership approval.  Reimbursement will depend on yearly budget and a vote.  
  • Reimbursement forms without proper signatures may take longer to issue.
  • The Grade Level Buyer(s) must submit receipts to the Homeroom Coordinator for signature and reimbursement and keep the lead HR parent informed.
  • Maintain a ledger of purchases made.  Money should be used primarily for food, crafts, and paper goods used during class parties or activities.
  • Reimbursement forms can be submitted to the PTA Homeroom Parent Coordinator cubby in the PTA room or via email. Make a copy of reimbursement form and receipt in the event it gets lost.
  • Your reimbursements check will be with Cindy Vechan (front office) - please add an email or a number where you can be reached by text to let you know that the check is available for you to pick up.
  • Money shall be spent on the students.  Money may be spent on small decorations, food, paper products, or an item to be taken home by the students. Money may not be spent for special gifts/meals for the teachers.


If you have any questions, please first talk with your grade level Lead Homeroom Parent. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact the PTA Homeroom Parent Coordinator:  Shannon Williamson (spicewoodptahomeroom@gmail.com)


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