Adventure Dash


Thank you, Spicewood Community, for such a fantastic fundraiser. Your generosity and support help make Spicewood the wonderful school we love. Thank you to all of the volunteers and the Adventure Dash chair person, Jamie Doyle, for a remarkable year!

 WE exceeded our goal and raised $64,030! Spicewood Elementary PTA will net nearly $52,000 thanks to our fabulous students and community!! This is a significant portion of our operating budget and without these funds, we are unable to support the various clubs and programs at Spicewood. Thank you again!!





For the third year, the Adventure Dash team will be visiting Spicewood to help us raise money to fund our PTA budget.  Adventure Dash is a 10-day fundraiser that breaks down into three components (seen above), in which every student participates:The Pep Rally will take place on Tuesday, September 3rd, and the Adventure Dash (AD) team will explain how the fundraiser works to the students.  Additionally, PTA will send home a paper flier in your child's Friday folder on September 6th. 


Your child will be asked to solicit family and friends for donations to help fund our annual budget, and your child will have to ability to create an online donation page through the AD website to easily send emails and/or post on social media.  This allows Spicewood to get donations from near and far!  Conversely, some parents and children feel more comfortable turning in cash and checks directly to their classroom teachers versus seeking/making online credit card donations.


As students gain donations they are rewarded with Dash Bands (colored, plastic bracelets).  The Dash Bands are hot commodities and are worn with great pride! There are daily challenges during the week that will be posted on our website, social media and included on the fliers that we send home.  



As with every event, we learn as we go!  When PTA sends home the flier in your child's Friday folder, we will also be including a Dash Band so that every student will start the week already having one band.  Additionally, if you take a moment just to set up an online donation page, your child will receive another Dash Band for free.  Our goal is that every student at Spicewood will have at least two-three bands regardless of their participation in the donation process.



This is the only fundraiser that PTA hosts at Spicewood in which we hire a company to run it for us.  As such, we do not take home all of the money that is raised, but we also have no upfront costs, we do not have to spend any time planning the events nor do we have to solicit lots of volunteers to plan and run the fundraiser.  Last year, Adventure Dash took a percentage (45%) of the donations, but this year they have moved to a sliding scale, flat fee based on the monetary amount of donations, which is as follows: donations up to $30,000 will incur an $8,000 fee, donations from $30,001-$50,000 will incur a $10,000 fee and donations greater than $50,001 will incur a $12,000 fee.  Based on this model, we will bring more money to Spicewood than we did the past year. 



Please contact our Adventure Dash Chair, Jamie Doyle, at  Thank you!

















We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!